Fresh (Phone Verified) WZ2/Overwatch 2

Sale price€1,25 EUR

Fresh Phone verified (Full access)

in-Game Details:

✅ 0 hours played

✅ Game never launched Account Details:

✅ Without any game-bans!

✅ Fully Phone Verified!

✅ Full access!

✅ 2FA Ready!

✅ 24/7 support in case of any questions regarding purchases.

Steps to use the account:

- Check your inbox for the purchased account.

- Launch

- Fill in the user credentials in the client.

- Click Play in to launch the game and choose

- 12 hours, only will replace if banned on delivery or you report within the 12 hour period.
- does ban waves on generated accounts often. 
- No I will not replace if you bought after 1 day or 1 week. I do not generate these accounts for free. This is your warning. 
- Want no chance of ban waves? Move to steam you will not regret it.
- Another plus about steams you can remove numbers and add a new one when you get the "please reverify your phone number in call of duty"