Rocket League Bot (AI)

Sale price€9,99 EUR
Duration: Week

About Rocket League Bot (AI) - 3 Days

System Requirements:
Windows 10/11

What does it do?

This bot essentially plays the game for you. You can use it on your main account to boost or you can use it on an alt to boost your main. It will essentially act as a Grand Champion 3 Teamate.
In addtion, you have the ability to offer a boosting service to other people on elitepvpers. This gives you the ability to make some side income. 

Why us?
Its quite simple, we are undetected, compatable with all pc's, and the cheapest on the market. We also have great prices for resellers. 

Some more info:
This bot has been UD since release and the dev has worked hard to fix any bugs it may have. If you ever encounter an issue (rare) you simply just need to make a ticket and wait 15 minutes. 15 minutes is the average wait time for our customers.
Elevate your gameplay, conquer the leaderboards, and experience Rocket League at its finest. Contact us now to start your victory streak! 🏆