Susano FiveM

Sale price€9,45 EUR
Duration: Week

Susano is currently one of the best cheats for FiveM. It offers built in features, like aimbot, trolling options, network options and much more. With it’s clean and simple to use click UI it is very beginner friendly and it has a very low ban rate.

 What will you receive upon purchase?

  • Your license key.
  • Link to download the Susano mod menu.
  • Unlimited, 24/7 Support.
  • Futures updates are included for free.
  • Month, Year & Lifetime access to Susano.
 How do you redeem your license key?
  1. 1.Disable your antivirus and Windows Defender.(Head into your Settings>Virus&Threat Protection>Manage Settings>Turn Real Time Protection to off).

    2.Head into, press login on the top right, after that press settings and redeem your key on the left side. Refrehs the page and follow the next steps.


  2. 3.Before downloading the software, you will need to disable your anti-virus. This is due to the nature of the software and how it interacts with your game. All products sold by TGModz are completely safe and do not contain any form of malicious code.

4.Go to the “Download” Section in the top right of the page.

5.Download both the HWID Grabber and the Loader.

6.If its the first time running Susano,run the HWID grabber and copy the given text.

7.Enter it in the “Update HWID” section on the website and confirm the changes.

8.Run the Loader accordingly and make sure to only open FiveM after it promots you to.

 Menu Keybinds

  • Open/Close | right Shift
  • Navigation | Mouse

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